Commercial Buildings

We make your employees happy.

Commercial buildings are usually spread over a multi-storey or large floor area. Addressing multiple regions and climate dynamics in different parts of the building affects the size and quantity of controlled equipment. Kitchens, conference halls, offices, foyers, warehouses and many other areas have their own characteristics.

These zones require an efficient understanding of your building, the use and other external factors in order to regulate temperature and efficient use of your air control.

We work with contractors, engineers and architects in the design and manufacture of all these solutions, from concept to design, installation and commissioning to ensure that you get the best solution for your budget and operating costs.

As İMAS, we offer cooling, ventilation and air conditioning solutions for commercial buildings. We meet the expectations of our customers with the technological and sustainable solutions required by today’s commercial buildings and we give you the control of the air that you breathe. We meet your expectations with less energy and lower environmental impact in various building types and business areas on the commercial applications that is shaped by customer demand and afterwards we provide service through our service network.

We work to ensure that you are using the best available technologies to ensure a healthy and pleasant indoor environment for your office personnel, to maximize your comfort and reduce the risk of allergens and pathogens in the