Construction Industry

We offer reliable, efficient and healthy air for your buildings.

As İMAS with our qualified knowledge and experience, we produce high performance building solutions for your health, efficiency and comfort in all areas of your life, in all areas of ventilation and air conditioning takes place. With our innovative and useful designs and competent engineering knowledge, we create comfortable spaces, thus increasing your productivity and efficiency.

We work with contractors, project firms, engineers and architects to determine the appropriate system and energy use in building projects, and create efficient areas by supporting measurable, verifiable engineering knowledge with our technological infrastructure.

In the construction sector, it is very important that the air conditioning service is structured and implemented in accordance with the purpose and efficiency of the building. We extend the life of your building by improving the aim of usage and performance of our building with flexible, scalable, compatible, convenient and technological design and production manner. We create safe living and business spaces by transforming the impact of your buildings on the environment and people.

Thus, we provide benefits to the environment, building owners, the building itself, the operators, the people who live and work in the buildings which we design the air conditioning scenario.