Service Policy

  • Providing service and maintenance services to the products that we manufacture and import as soon as possible,
  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the maximum level,
  • Supply of spare parts as soon as possible,
  • Monitoring the related technological developments in order to improve the service quality and adapting them to the services,
  • Ensuring the continuity of education and information exchange in order to ensure the continuous development of both the central service team and the authorized service personnel,
  • Providing online and / or on-site technical support to create conscious customers and providing supervisory services before installation of systems,
  • These are the basic values determined by the İMAS AŞ After Sales Service team.

İmas manufactures split-rooftop air conditioning units, open/closed type water cooling tower radial-axial fan, fancoil units, air and water cooled monoblock/split/crane/vertical type air conditioners, air conditioning units, special type air conditioners, precision air conditioners, chillers, unit heaters and cells.

The import, sales and marketing activities across the country of Nicotra Gebhardt fans, Bluebox chillers, Arosio, Sporlan refrigerant fluid control equipments, Copeland compressors, chiller and compressor spare parts goes on and Eurovent certified IMAS branded fan coil unit continues its sales and marketing activities in Turkey after manufactured in Italy.